Pediatric Family Care


Our goal here is to treat your family as we would our own.  


We offer

  • – Kid-friendly waiting areas  
  • – Specialized tables and chairs for young pregnant women to maximize comfort with positioning during treatment 
  • –  A licensed Marriage Family Therapist
  • –  Local referrals when necessary 
  • – Transportation assistance to and from our office, when applicable

    When children do not sleep well after an accident, family counseling can help return things back to normal.  We have a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist on-site who, for many years, has helped families with stress.  Being open to this additional outlet can help everyone be better equipped to face possible stessors that may ensue after an accident, including nightmares, anxiety, and flashbacks.  

Contact Us (but if this is an emergency, Please Go to the ER or call 911)

We help!

  1. Concussions & Headaches 
  2. Dizziness
  3. Neck & Back Injuries
  4. Shoulder & Major Joint Pain
  5. Medical/Legal Documentation

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