Family Trauma Care Teens to Babies

Family Trauma Care¬†Family Safe Place…

First we love families and really like to help. We provide a comfortable place for pregnant women with special chairs and tables to help your aches and pains. Our Massage and Physical therapists look forward


to helping young mothers and dads get a working body back to be the mom or dad needed to make your family whole. We work with pediatricians and OB-MD’s to be sure you get what you need for your entire family. We can help with getting back into your sports routine. And we baby our babies.

Second When your car will not work: Give us a call 502 584-6852. We might be able to arrange transportation.

Third when children do not sleep well after an accident sometimes family counseling can get things back to normal. We have a family therapist on campus who has many years helped families in stress. Being open to this can help everyone grow up better equipped to face life.

Fourth we have a special room and and a well trained information technologist to help you apply of insurance as a public service. Skype if necessary.

Fifth We can identify all your injuries or get you to someone who will. Clear documentation helps smooth your bills getting paid and compensated. You need to be very clear on what injuries you have. If you have a broken bone often an x ray is sufficient but if you have painful limitation of a joint you will likely need an MRI. Clear documentation of injuries provides the foundation for treatment. With a clearly defined injury you will get the access to treatment so vital to your recovery.

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