Holistic Alternatives After An Accident

Holistic Care

1st Steps


First, we believe that getting better after an accident begins with the belief that your pain and suffering will decrease and your life will get better.
We want you to understand how your accident has affected you, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Then, we can help you understand and visualize what is normal and how to attain this again with a variety of techniques including cognitive behavioral techniques.



Avoid Weight Gain After Your Accident


Most people gain 15-30 lbs after an accident.   We offer holistic alternatives including dietary guidance to help minimize weight gain and promote healing.  For example, we teach that many foods rich in lauric, myristic, and palmitic acids can encourage weight gain.   However, proper diet is just one piece of the puzzle.  Ample sleep and gentle guided exercises also help one to recover inner purpose and energy.   


Grow Spiritually and Emotionally


Our massage therapists focus on promoting your overall wellness using their hands and other modalities, including ultrasound, heat/ice, and vibration.  Their goals include: relieving pain, decreasing muscle tightness, promoting relaxation, and improving circulation.  These individuals also take great pride in teaching you how to process your negative energies into personal fulfillment. This defines the core of our holistic alternatives after a car accident.


Look Better than you Feel


Poor nutrition can slow the healing process.  We can recommend skin care products without common allergens to help you look better, and in turn feel better about yourself.  These alternative skin therapies can treat rashes, eczema, and psoriasis that may become worse after an accident. 
We also consult naturopaths and acupuncture practitioners and specially vetted chiropractors to manage certain spine conditions.  We work with aestheticians and plastic surgeons to help people recover skin beauty from burns.

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