Holistic Alternatives After a Car Accident

Holistic Alternatives After a Car Accident

First, holistic alternatives after a car accident begins with the belief that your pain and suffering will improve and your life will be better.

We teach about your body and what happened in the accident. We can help you understand and visualize normal and what your what your body looks like now. We can help you self-care. We have people to counsel with cognitive behavioral techniques.


Avoid Weight Gain After Your Accident

Most people gain 15-30lbs after an accident. With holistic alternatives after a car accident you can avoid or reduce this. Proper diet, sleep, and guided exercise helps recover inner purpose and energy. We counsel on diet and how it effects healing. We teach that many foods rich in lauric, myristic, and palmitic acids encourage weight gain.

Grow Spiritually and Emotionally

Massage therapy with deep tissue and emotional support. Our therapists have an average length of practice exceeding 11 years. These individuals take great pride in teaching you how to process your negative energies into personal fulfillment. This defines the core our holistic alternatives after a car accident.

Look Better than you Feel

Poor nutrition slows healing worse. We offer alternative skin therapies when skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis become worse due to the accident. These include dietary guidance to avoid common allergens. Skin care without common allergens can make you look better, and in turn feel better about yourself.

We have as consultants naturopaths and acupuncture and specially vetted chiropractors to manage certain spine conditions. We work with aestheticians and plastic surgeons to help people recover skin beauty from burns.

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