Legal Supports of Basic Medical Care

First MVA Legal Support Requires Basic Medical Care. Medical care after an accident includes documenting all your injuries. Therefore even a photo of a cut hand, a bruise, a swollen wrist that hurts helps. Since these require a medical doctor (not a chiropractor) diagnose, the biggest legal challenge you face is going to a chiropractor. A physician figures out what is hurt or broken everywhere in your body. Physicians use massage and physical therapies, medical and surgical intervention to help get you mobile. Therefore, ignoring a shoulder injury because you cannot diagnose and treat it can cripple you for life.

As a daily routine, the team at my office provides superb medical care and clear documentation of injuries for legal support.

Any insurance company profits when it pays less

It seems just wrong to those who play by the rules. Sometimes getting in a car accident puts you in a bind with your insurance company. If your insurance carrier disagrees with your level of injury legal support often begins. Hence, medical documentation and the willingness to defend the documentation remains critical.

Above all else, we document clearly and honestly all your injuries. We do this in a way that anyone with an unbiased perspective can see the injury. This includes taking a detailed history and performing a physical exam. Photographs, x-rays, CT, MRI studies help define many physical injuries.

Our documentation remains the single most important factor in early settlement of MVA related claims.

Anxiety and Depression caused by an MVA are real injuries

Especially violent accidents with fear of dying cause many to suffer from car related anxiety, even post-traumatic stress disorders. We identify these using the same standards of mental health specialists. A MADRS screening can identify anxiety and depression. Repeating this test can show improvement, worsening or no change. We also offer in house counseling and treatment of trauma related anxiety and PTSD. These are not only treatable injuries, they contribute to your final settlement related to pain and suffering caused by the accident.

Brain Injury Disorders Thinking, Balance, and Endocrine System

We offer VNG, Posturography, ANAM and CNS Cognitive brain testing for traumatic brain injury We do this at a  fraction of the cost of formal Neuropsychological testing. Our “state of the art” brainstem testing with VNG (vestibulonystagmogram) and Posturography identifies brain injury objectively. All these studies came from our military and continued use of our military and veterans care institutions. 

Consequently, people with concussions have dizziness and balance issues that can be objectively diagnosed and treated. The VNG testing is well accepted historically. Even state workman’s compensation finds the VNG testing authoritative and reliable.

Also true, our brain controls our endocrine system thru the pituitary. Without a working brain our thyroid, sex hormones, and survival reactions die. Hence,sometimes your body shuts down after trauma due to pituitary failure. We evaluate the master-gland function using standard laboratory testing. When possible consults with Endocrinologists will provide ideal treatment of thyroid and growth hormone related concerns.

Going to Trial

Most noteworthy, the American Medical Associaton (AMA) AMA encourages physicians to identify and explain injuries in legal proceedings. But rather many physicians just do not want to go to court. On the other hand, we are guided by the ethics of the AMA. I will testify about your injuries when asked. I do this with a deep respect for both medical and legal systems. My grandfather was a judge in New York City. One son is a practicing Lawyer. Finally, I understand how important it is to actively engage.

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