VNG Defines MVA Dizziness

Having a VNG Defines MVA Dizziness. VNG stands for vesibulonystamography 


Complaints of  “wooziness” or the the world “spinning” after a car accident often means brain injury. After Accident Care offers the region’s first VNG and Posturography specifically designed to study this after car related trauma.

Often because no other test can define why you are having dizziness, doctors ignore your symptoms. We know dizziness can make your life miserable. And our testing makes the reason very clear.

Our eyes, body, and middle ear all send messages to our brain, then our brain figures out what to do. Our brain sends messages to our eyes. This allows us to jump and catch a ball, run, or sit with our head still watching a movie. The VNG measures the movement of your eyes with laser precision, down to 0.001 seconds…one/thousandth of a second. Physicians universally accept this powerful tool as an objective measure of brain injury and ear injury.

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