PIP Disability Benefits
Built into Car Insurance!

Yes you have PIP disability benefits when you buy car insurance in Kentucky

Minimum PIP Benefits (Personal Injury Protection for car accidents) pay both lost wages and medical treatment costs to $10,000.00.  With this level you can recoup Lost wages up to $200/week up to what is left after medical care.  A short emergency room visit can easily run $7,000.00.

For $30 extra insurance payment you can increase your PIP benefits. Call your insurance agent to find our how much it will cost to go to $400/week PIP disability benefits. You are most likely to become disabled for a month or two from a car accident. To pay for a personal disability policy to get the same benefit would cost thousands of dollars.

From the practical perspective, increasing your PIP insurance benefits is the cheapest way to buy disabilitiy insurance.  Your insurance agent, you may can get additional $100/week lost wages for each $10k additional disability benefits you buy before the accident.

With an additional $20,000 in PIP disability benefits you may qualify for $400/week lost wages. Wage earners with responsibilities need added PIP disability benefits. Technically, if you could not work at your $50k/year job you could obtain as much as $1000 per week lost wages. You would have to pay much more for an individual disability insurance policy to give you the same amount.

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