Medical Care after an Accident

Conservative and accurate care begins with our American Board of Neurological Surgery certified MD obtaining a thorough history and comprehensive physical exam.  This allows for a diagnosis/diagnoses to be established and then an individualized treatment plan developed. 



MRI and X-Rays


An MRI is a non-invasive way to scan the brain, spine, and joints and diagnose traumatic injuries.  It can identify your injuries giving high resolution images without using ionizing radiation, which both X-rays and CT scans use.   

Our full time licensed MRI technician will guide you through the testing and then your MRI will be interpreted by our Staff, who are certified by the American Board of Radiology.  This allows you to know almost immediately if you have torn ligaments, herniated disks, brain injury, etc. 
In addition, the prestigious 
Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (ICAMRL) certifies our Open MRI, Airis II.


Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy begins once we know the degree and type of injury. Our physical therapists have extensive training in treating patients after an injury including damage to the spine, shoulders, knees/ankles, and even traumatic brain injuries.  We take great pride in helping people return to their prior activity level, whether this is returning to work or to playing soccer.  

We also realize that that recovering lost strength & range of motion, decreasing pain, and improving someone’s balance is necessary to help complete normal daily routines.  We see the value in providing patients with education for developing life-time habits including regular exercise, better posture, and body mechanics promoting lasting improvements to allow one to age gracefully. 


Prescription Medication

Sometimes medicine is the right choice.   Along with massage therapy, physical therapy, and counseling,  we offer medication to help aid in your recovery process.  

Sleep disorders after trauma often limit recovery.  We can help identify sleep concerns and offer standard medicines to achieve restorative sleep.  We also use Holistic alternative treatments for those wanting to avoid pills and shots.


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