Standard Medical Care for Car Accidents

Standard Medical Care for Car Accidents: MVA

Conservative and Accurate care begins with a thorough history taken and physical exam by an MD, certified by the American Board Of Neurological Surgery. After this a series of diagnoses define the treatment plan. Broken bones, Torn ligaments, Brain injury, Frozen shoulder, Unstable knee.

MRI and X-Rays in Standard Medical Care of Car Accidents

MRI’s do not use x-rays. We follow MRI stardards set by American College of Radiology when we study you.The prestigious Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (ICAMRL) certifies our Open Mri, Airis II. We have outstanding capacity to scan brain, spine, joints to diagnose traumatic injuries. with the latest software. Our full time licensed MRI technician helps you through this important step. Your MRI, then interpreted by our Staff, certified by the American Board of Radiology, indentifies the your injuries without ionizing radiation… no x-rays like CT scans. You know immediately if you have torn ligaments, herniated disks, brain injury.

Physical Therapy in Standard Medical Care of Car Accidents

Physical therapy begins once we know the degree and type of injury. Our physical therapists are specially trained in traumatic brain injuries and resulting balance disorders. We offer detailed physical therapy of joint and spine injuries. Our physical therapist take primary energy from helping people return to work. Recovering lost range of motion and ability to walk defines the daily routine of care. Educating patients in life-time habits for aging gracefully or returning to active sports happens every day.

Prescription Medication in Standard Medical Care of Car Accidents

Sleep disorders after trauma limit recovery. We identify sleep concerns and use standard medicines to achieve restorative sleep. Managing traumatic pain with counseling and modern medications can aid this process. We also use Holistic alternative treatments for those wanting to avoid pills and shots.


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