Helping Anxiety, Pain & Concussion

Louisville Car Accident Doctor MD Board Certified Neurosurgeon:

IF you have Headaches/Dizziness Lasting More Than 10 min post MVA

You need our State-of-the-Art Military Concussion Testing

Helping Dizziness, 


 Difficulty Reading, 

Difficulty Staying on Task, 

Difficulty Remembering.

We Help College & High-School Students Return To Class.
“holistic-natural brain recovery care that really works”

Doctor MD
Also Treats
Joint and Spine Injuries
all on site.

Headaches, Dizziness, Anxiety, Confusion.
Concussions diagnosed with Ultra-Modern Military Diagnostics

Bone and Joint Injuries Diagnosed with Certified Open MRI.


“We help you return to your life prior to the accident.”

After Accident Care takes pride in delivering a unique and personalized experience with all your medical care needs being met at one location.

Our Medical Doctors and multidisciplinary team offer traditional and alternative quality care to include counseling, “medical acupuncture”, on-site pharmacy and up-to-date concussion diagnosis and treatment.


  • Concussions Rarely Have CT findings
  • 90% of concussion victims never lose consciousness
  • Common symptoms after an accident, like feeling dazed/dizzy or having a headache can be indicative of a concussion/brain injury
  • We use the advanced Brain Mapping that the Army uses to diagnose our troops. No ER in town has this.
  • Board Certified MD Exams
  • Military Grade Brain Injury Testing & Treatment
  • Medication (Acute Trauma)
  • Holistic Injury Care
  • Early Specialist Referrals
Helping Headaches Dizziness Anxiety Confusion
Over 2000 Google Citations
Everything you need to recover.

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