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Louisville Car Accident Injuries Need an MD


Concussions Rarely Have CT findings:

90% never lose consciousness;
"dazed" "headache" "dizziness" means concussion-brain injury

Best Diagnosed by
a Neurosurgeon

MD's Assess Shoulder Injury

Nationally Certified MRI
in office to Diagnose
Joint & Spine Injuries

Concussion Car Accident MD Treats Headache Confusion Dizziness

David Changaris, MD Board Certified Neurological Surgeon Trauma Specialist

We use advanced artificial intelligence mapping of eye movement. This remains the best and simplest way to document concussion-brain injury. Google returns over 2000 Changaris citations. 

Understanding All Your Injuries

Understanding care of car accident injuries means... We know how to help you quickly return to life. WE DO THIS WELL.

Our Concussion Testing Can Predict Alzheimer's Disease

Even a single concussion increases your long term risk of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. We provide testing and treatment.

Recovery is Our Thing

After Accident Care Means Recovery and Healing. We offer alternative holistic approaches.

What you find here:

Exams by MD's (Board Certified)

MRI (Certified ICA)

Brain Injury Testing & Treatment used by US Dept of Defense.

Medications (Acute Trauma)

Holistic Injury Care

Physical Therapy (Licensed)

Massage Therapy (Licensed)

Counseling (Licensed)

Early Specialist Referrals

Our Patients Speak!

Our Patients Ask:

Yes. We even have massage tables designed for you.

Yes. Our office offers evaluation of children and teens after car accidents. We can help with school, especially if your child has headaches. If your child has car related anxiety or nightmares we have special support with our on site counselor. Be sure to tell us you need this and we can get you to our counselor when you show up.

call 502 584 6852

So your car does not work and you need to get to a physician. We often can help you. So just call us and give us the particulars. We will help if we can.

502 584 6852

This may be a good thing…is your glass half full or half empty? Most primary care physicians and nurse practitioners do not like treating accident victims.

Ten different injuries happen routinely in trauma. Taking pictures of and documenting every bruise and swollen joint may not be medically necessary but they are important to you if litigation happens later. You need top level documentation as close to the accident as possible.

My Doctor Will Not See Me After My Car Accident!-The MD or NP does not like to go to court or give depositions.

Our office accepts the American Medical Association perspective that part of being a physician means providing clear and accurate medical information to a court. Live testimony remains the gold standard of effective proof. Dr. Changaris has had years of formal training in the documentation and presentation of medical proof. His family includes a judge, a maritime lawyer, civil lawyers.

Photos, clearly written history and physical statements, documented diagnoses, and verifiable treatments make an important contribution in the courtroom review of medical care. We can do this for you as a routine,

call 502 584-6852

for an appointment. Our office takes documentation seriously. If you need a copy or a report we give it. If you need help with short term disability, family leave we fill these out effectively every day.

“It is only with the heart that one sees clearly….”  The Little Prince by Antoine d Saint Exupery

Children find a safety zone in my office for Louisville Car Accidents


Most noteworthy is that for years I practiced pediatric neurosurgery.

Louisville Car Accident Injuries Need an MD

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