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"Reducing Anxiety and Pain"

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Louisville Car Accident Doctor MD:
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No-X-ray Infra-Red

Concussion Testing &

brain recovery care"



Private Individual Rooms- No Waiting Room- Helping people sleep stopping headaches improving concentration Louisville Car Accident Doctor



Doctor MD
Also Treats
Joint and Spine Injuries
all on site.

Symptoms of Concussion:
Headaches, Dizziness, Anxiety, Confusion.
Concussions diagnosed with
Ultra-Modern Military Diagnostics

Bone and Joint Injuries Diagnosed with Certified Open MRI.

Reducing Anxiety and Pain

Walk directly into a private room with no time sitting in waiting area. This provides complete social distancing from other patients.

“We help you return to your life prior to the accident.” After Accident Care takes pride in delivering a unique and personalized experience with all your medical care needs being met at one location. Our Medical Doctors and multidisciplinary team offer traditional and alternative quality care to include counseling, “medical acupuncture”, on-site pharmacy and up-to-date concussion diagnosis and treatment.


  • Concussions Rarely Have CT findings
  • 90% of concussion victims never lose consciousness
  • Common symptoms after an accident, like feeling dazed/dizzy or having a headache can be indicative of a concussion/brain injury
  • We use the advanced Brain Mapping that the Army uses to diagnose our troops. No ER in town has this.
  • Board Certified MD Exams
  • Military Grade Brain Injury Testing & Treatment
  • Medication (Acute Trauma)
  • Holistic Injury Care
  • Early Specialist Referrals

Natural Supportive Caring Recovery

Yes. We even have massage tables designed for you.

Yes.  Our office offers evaluation and treatment of children and teens as well as adults.  We also try to schedule families together for your convenience, whether for doctor’s visits, massage, or physical therapy. 

We also have an on-site counselor who often sees children or teens who, after an accident, are having difficulties at school, including headaches, car-related anxiety, or nightmares.  Let us know and we can get an appointment with our counselor  scheduled as soon as possible.

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If transportation is an issue, just call us and give us the particulars. We will help if we can.

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Yes.  Most primary care physicians and nurse practitioners do not like treating accident victims, going to court, or giving depositions. 

Our office accepts the American Medical Association perspective that part of being a physician means providing clear and accurate medical information to a court. Live testimony remains the gold standard of effective proof. Dr. Changaris has years of formal training in the documentation and presentation of medical proof. His family includes a judge, a maritime lawyer, and civil lawyers.

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Ten different injuries happen routinely in trauma.  You need top level documentation as close to the accident possible.  Taking pictures and documenting every bruise and swollen joint may not be medically necessary but is important to you especially if litigation happens later.

Photos, clearly written history and physical statements, documented diagnoses, and verifiable treatments make an important contribution in the courtroom review of medical care.  We routinely do this and can do this for you as well.

Our office takes documentation seriously. If you need a copy of a report, we give it. If you need help with short term disability or family leave paperwork, we will navigate you through this process.

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Every situation has hope… if we can help, we will … let us hear your story.

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After an accident, if you have continuing headaches and difficulty concentrating, you may have had a concussion.  You need to tell your coach and see a physician.  We at After Accident Care have extensive experience helping people both recover from concussions and return to playing contact sports.  

Early diagnosis, using state-of-the-art equipment, and thus earlier treatment will help you get back to playing sports sooner.  Guidelines for return to play are being updated regularly and we will guide you when it is appropriate and safe for you to resume playing. 

Helping Headaches Dizziness Anxiety Confusion
  • Google returns over 2000 Changaris citations.

Nationally Certified MRI in Office to Diagnose Head, Spine & Joint Injuries

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